I'm off. Spent most of the morning faffing around with bits on the boat that I should probably have sorted beforehand, but that was good as it kept me busy for the morning while we waited for a more favourable tide. We loaded up the van with all the kit and headed South towards Lands End. After a lunch at the temple of the golden arches, I felt suitably caloried up, and looking forwards to getting on the water. 

The plan was to get on at Sennen around 5, head south to Lands End, and then head North to St Ives. On the whole everything went really well, I was joined by John Watson who paddles south with me and took some pictures for which I'm really grateful. He was met by someone in the car park who was very concerned that two of us went out but only he'd come back, asking if I was allright. When John explained that I was heading for John o'Groats, they said they thought I'd left it a little late....

The paddling was a perfect warm up, with a reasonable swell running which made Cape Cornwall a little "fruity". I arrived in St Ives in the dark having enjoyed a quality sunset. I met John and headed to Hayle travelodge to set up camp.
Bigger day planned for tomorrow but great to be going.