First thing that greeted me this morning was a facebook message from Cheese of Palm equipment telling me that he tried to join me yesterday, attached to the message was a photo of a massive cake and mug of coffee he was trying to get to me, but I was too far out with the sail up for him to get to me, gutted, allthough it would have been great to paddle with him, it would've been even better to eat cake. 

So today I decided not to make the same mistake and had a slow start, which involved two breakfasts. 

Canals today, I made reasonably good progress up to Gloucester, and then rejoined the Severn on the ebbing tide, which was a bit of a work out! I have seen no other paddlers on this trip so far, but met 4 SUP'ers on their way downstream doing the Severn from source to sea, another trip to add to the list. 

I've finished at a pub today near Haw bridge. Probably one of the distinct advantages of paddling on the inland waterways is the regularity of the pubs....

No porpoises today, but 4 shopping trolleys 1 sainsbury,s, 3 tesco,s.

Towards Kidderminster tomorrow, not sure how far I'll get as I'm still paddling upstream on the Severn.