I'm now officially in Wales. Croeso.

I had a good night sleeping on the seafront in Lynmouth, nothing seemed to open until 10 o'clock, good job I wasn't in a hurry. Lots of people were very interested in the trip, you do find yourself talking to more people when you paddle solo, maybe I just look needy.
Launching took an hour! Lynmouth is a bouldered reef so I had to walk the kit down, then carry the boat, this is undoubtedly the worst part of paddling on your own, just getting on the water is arguably harder than the actual paddling.
I got on the water paddled out, turned around and caught a wave, just so I can claim surfing a sea kayak at low tide Lynmouth (One of the best point breaks in the UK).
The rest of the day was made up of watching the water get progresively browner as the day went on. I was aiming for Flat holm in the middle of the Bristol Channel. There are two holms, flat and steep, I went for flat as I gussed it would be an easier walk to the campsite. The crossing to the island was quite tricky to get right with the tides, as they conspire to move you anywhere, apart from on the island, and if you miss the tidal gate you really can't paddle against it. (esp after 52km!)

I landed and decided to camp rather than use the bunkhouse, seeing as I'm carrying all the kit it seems wrong not to use it!

An afternoon on the superhighway tomorrow, and hopefully up the first of the canals.