Good day today. It was nice to get some distance done after the shorter day yesterday. I set off from Hartland Quay just before low water with fantastic conditions, the sun was out and it was warm enough to paddle without a cag on, I passed Hartland point and then the fog arrived. I'm not a huge fan of crossings, as they are just a bit dull in terms of things to look at, however, crossings in fog are a whole new level of dull, to the point where I found myself yawning so hard at one stage, I almost capsized. 

The fog cleared just in time to arrive at Morte Point overfalls on the third hour, which were fun, there wasn't a big swell running today so the waves weren't breaking too badly just big green waves coming from all directions. They really should rename that point, it never fills you with confidence as you approach it if you speak french....

Once round the corner I got the sail up for a bit. I thought the sail was going to be used a lot more than it has, with a fully loaded boat there's too much downforce through the mastfoot to use when its windy, as it drives the bow down and unweights the stern, so I can only use it when the winds light. I had visions of sitting back sipping gin and tonic, as I casually yachted my way North.... Best get paddling then.

The rest of the day was pretty swift, I'd planned to land at Heddons Mouth, but the landing looked a little funky, so I pushed on through to Lynmouth. Camping on the beach.

Going to try and make it to Flat Holm Island tomorrow.