So to liken the trip to BBC's Mastermind, yesterday was the General Knowledge round, I got most things right but got one of the easy questions wrong, today however was my specialist subject, I got no questions wrong because I spent the day surfing. I don't think I've had so much fun in a boat in ages. The day started after staying the night with Chris Hobson, we went to the factory and picked up the boat and headed down to Crackington.

We reloaded the boat and took it down to the waters edge, where I stuck my head in the cockpit and sorted some kit when Chris came up with, what I thought was going to be the quote of the day.  Chris happens to be the current World Surf Kayak Champion so when he said "I don't want to s*** you up there Glyn, but thats a good 4 foot out there" I looked up and saw 6 foot thumping in close proximity of yet more rocks.

Still, can't go sea kayaking on a beach so I went for it between sets and made it out back just as the next set arrived. Forecast was for a SW 3/4 occ 5 which was great because that was exactly the direction I wanted pushing from. The next three hours were just ace, Isurfed to within about 1km of Hartland quay, and had already decided that given the progress I was making I should try and push right accross Bideford Bay, to make the most of both the pushing tide and the perfect tailwind. But the occ 5 became a constant 5 and started gusting 6, most of the waves were breaking and I was approaching Hartland point overfalls at mach 10 without having planned the crossing. I decided that my day had been so good so far, it would be stupid to go and ruin it with a lifeboat shout, so I headed into Hartland Quay, where I was met by John again (Thank you, again) who very kindly gave me a lift back home.

Whilst waiting for John the quote of the day came from a lovely lady in Hartland Quay carpark who after a brief chat asked where I was going "John O'Groats" I replied, she looked a little puzzled and said "What, today?" I had to disapoint her and told her I probably wouldn't get there until tomorrow

So tonight I'm back at home catching up with Tanja, my wife, and the kids, sorting a few things ready to be much more isolated from friends and family for the next bit.

I've been having some technical problems (not as significant as my paddling problems) hence the lack of photos, but I'm going to set up a gallery in the menu and try and upload them that way.

Heading for the North Coast tomorrow.