This morning started early, I needed to be paddling at 0600 to catch the tides right, there was the most beautiful sunrise over my campsite, but that was the only thing the weather did to help today..

The last three days have been into headwinds, but today there was a little more punch to it so I knew it was going to feel really horrible. Despite the fact that I was paddling to the actual destination I'd been heading for for the last month, I really struggled to get the body working this morning, I only had enough water to drink so had to go without breakfast, which is never a good start to the day, especially when you've run out of marsbars and red bull as well...

All about the headwind.... Coastline was as stunning as yesterday, but I couldn't enjoy it, as anything other than flat out meant going backwards, it took me an hour longer than planned to arrive at Duncansby, but I just made it through on the last of the tide.

2km left and I was hanging out, but got my head down, and in what seemed like an age arrived at John O'Groats to be greeted by John with Cornish lager and malt whisky.

I have to say I was so tired and hungry when I finished it was hard to feel anything other than relief. But after the whisky, burger and cake what I've achieved is starting to sink in.

In the car at the moment heading back South, I'll add the rest of the pics and some more depth to the trip in the next couple of days, but I'm proper pleased to have managed to finish, still able to move and hold polite conversation.