Another quality day, some of the most impressive coastline I've paddled.
I left my campsite perched on the edge of the golf course, and headed out knowing this was going to be the best weather day so required some distance.

After the relative dullness of yesterday the paddling today was amazing. Huge cliffs with cathedral size caves, massive arches and stacks, and enormous sea bird colonies. I could have quite easily have spent days on this coast, every cornouter you went round opened up more things to explore, my distances were being reduced through photo taking and generally having a good sea paddle.

I'decided I'd find somewhere to camp, but this coastline is very remote with long periods between landings, I'd been looking for about half an hour getting a bit tired, as I'd been in the boat for 13 hours, when I found the most amazing lagoon with steps leading to a flat grassy area. This has probably been the best campsite of the trip, I've taken a load of photos but it really is one of those places you have to see.

I've gone as far as I possibly could have today, which should just set me up for the morning tidal gate on Duncansby Head. I'm getting excited about finishing now, as being somewhere on the wet end of the damp scale is now starting to grate both literally and metaphorically....