Short day today, which actually felt really civilised. I got up and slowly packed away the tent, finally getting on the water about 1100. I had toyed with going down the river Ness rather than the canal, but the prospect of damaging the boat so close to the end, made me decide against it.

Finishing the canal was a relatively big thing in my small world, as that's it for the canals now, just some sea left and I'm done!

I've got the return journey sorted, John from Skern is coming to pick me up. Seeing as he started the trip with me it's great he'll see the end, and if he gets in a boat he'll of paddled Lands End, John O'Groats too, just not the bit in the middle...

Another short day planned for tomorrow, due to the wind, another day of Northerlies, I'm planning on getting to the point so I can make the crossing over the bay tomorrow.