Today was almost as impressive as yesterday. I needed an early start to be able to pass the tidal narrows at Corran, so set my alarm for 0430. At 0630 I finally managed to get up, and a slightly frantic packing session meant I was on the water just before 0700. The coastline followed all the themes of yesterday, really pretty, varied, and lots of wildlife. I had a headwind all day, so progress was slowed a little and when I arrived at the Corran Narrows, the tide was flying out and therefore unpassable.

Fortunately there is a pub there, who serve very nice lasagne and beer so I spent a couple of hours in the sunshine eating and drinking.

The afternoon went pretty quickly up to Fort William, where I joined the Caledonian Canal. This is the most civilised of all the canals with designated jettys and pontoons for canoes and kayaks, I carried on to the heady of Loch Lochy where there is a designated camping spot. I met a group of guys who'd just set off to do the Great Glen canoe trail, which over a few days with friends must be a great trip.

Going to try to get to Inverness tomorrow.