If only everyday could be like today then I'm sure the trip would be a doddle. Beautiful blue skies , no wind, a gentle pushing tide, and great visibility has given me the chance to get into the swing of things without having to work too hard. Harlyn was today's target, as I had friends on holiday in one of the beach there. 
 I'm working on the principle that if there's a bed available I'm likely to take it.
I'm trying to take it easy in this first week so as not to shock the body too much. I took an almost straight line from St Ives to Trevose Head, and I learned a new system of taking navigational transits. This only works if you have an offshore wind, but its possible to accurately position yourself based on the intensity of the fried food smell when passing Newquay. 

Conditions forecast for tomorrow are a little livelier than today, so hopefully there should be some fun to be had!