Two weeks ago today I left Lands End, and now I'm sat in my Mums lounge on Anglesey.
I spoke to a journalist yesterday whilst floating out off the N. Wales coastline, and she asked the what the highlight had been so far. I had to really think hard, because allthough there have been some challenges, the whole trip has been fantastic, everything has worked well, and I've had great support from family and friends back in Devon, which makes it infinitely easier.

I wrote on the opening page of the site that this is a solo unsupported trip, but it isn't. Allthough I'm paddling on my own, that bit's easy. You need people meet you with stuff, or chat about possible camping venues on the phone, or arranging parcels to be sent, so having people sorting things out really means you can concentrate on the boating bit, and I'm really grateful for the help.

Today I spent the day consolidating things. I repaired some damage to the boat inflicted by the locks, and some that was a hangover from my Boscastle incident, and I had to go clothes shopping so I could wash the only set I have with me!

Spoke to John Willacy (UK Circumnavigator and founder of this morning. He came to try and meet me at Penmon but I'd already gone. It was good to chat with someone about the practicalities of exped paddling, it was really good to hear that it's normal to feel completely incapable of kayaking for the first hour of every day!

This trip has made me further impressed by the people who are able to paddle round the whole of the UK. Not just from a physical perspective, but being able to mantain the pace and accuracy of decision making required for so long. If I was wearing my hat, I'd take it off to them.

I've managed to sort some photos finally, which I've uploaded to the gallery.

I'm off to the Anglesey Sea Symposium for a bit tomorrow, and at some point I need to paddle round from Penmon, to a slightly better venue for a crossing to the Isle of Man.