Had a great day today. It started well after a great nights sleep, I went down to collect the boat and rejoin the canal. I now have much more of a routine going in the morning, however this morning I had to introduce deep heat into the equation, as my back was sore from the day before. Applying deep heat prior to applying suncream, isn't advisable, my face finally cooled down around lunchtime...

Saying goodbye to Andy and Fiona, I set off to warm up, and got about 400m before I arrived at the first of about 15 locks. I finished the Staffs and Worcs canal, which has been really pleasant, a lot of locks, but all of them were manageable. 

I'm now on the Shropshire Union canal which is bigger, and has been great fun today. I've spent the day chasing, and overtaking narrow boats, which should be a sport in its own right, most owners have been fine and waved me by. There was however one chap who sped up as I was overtaking. Now I've been trying to paddle properly, long rhythmical strokes with good trunk rotation, rather than my normal surfing short stroke, but to get past him I had to unleash thunder and lightning by doubling my cadence, as I sprinted past him, he shouted " You're speeding", I've taken this as a compliment. 

(I had to have a little lie down a bit later to recover)

A couple more sightings of the lesser rusted Asda today, of which I actually got some photo's. If I can find reliable internet anywhere, I'll pop them up here.

I'm starting to get a better idea of timings on the canals now, and tomorrow should be finishing somewhere between Nantwich and Chester.