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Boat Building

Posted by glyn brackenbury on Tuesday, March 26, 2013,

I'm slowly starting to get everything sorted now, and I've got a tentative start date of the 20th April as a goal to work towards.

At the weekend I had the pleasure of helping to laminate the hull of the new boat with the guys from Mega, which was actually really enjoyable and also having the opportunity to learn about how the boat is laid up, may help me should I need to repair it!

So, hopefully I should be able to sort out fitting the boat towards the end of this week.

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New Sponsor

Posted by glyn brackenbury on Sunday, March 17, 2013,
Had a rather exciting package turn up on Friday, containing two sets of shiny carbon splits from Celtic Paddles. I'm genuinely delighted to be given the opportunity to use their paddles for my trip, as the expedition heritage that comes through in the design will hopefully help me fly through the miles.

I managed to get a short trip in today, and the great news was they felt fantastic. Changing my blades this close to the anticipated start was a worry, but they actually felt more natural than...
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21km Ferry Glide

Posted by glyn brackenbury on Sunday, March 3, 2013,
I've been messing around with more things recently, trying to investigate all the possibilities that I might encounter, and I thought something more exposed might throw up some curve balls.

The weather looked pleasant enough to do a Lundy crossing, so I set off at 0615 from Harland Quay and arrived at Lundy at 0900. On the whole the crossing was good. The wind was a bit stiffer than was forecast, but manageable. The tide only worked against me for the last half hour, so when I arrived I felt p...
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