This week has been everything i dislike about sea paddling. I've been sorting, preparing, and generally faffing with kit, I even found myself in Asda with a tube of toothpaste in each hand trying to establish which was more condensed. (I still in the back of my mind think I've bought the wrong one) But it is all for the goal of actually going out onto the water and going paddling, which is obviously the bit I really enjoy about sea paddling

Tomorrow I'm heading down to Lands End with a view of maybe getting a short section started on the evening flood. The weather has been pretty heavy this week, but tomorrow and into the weekend appears to be changing for the better so I'm keen to get going before it changes its mind!

I'm going to try and update the blog daily where I can, and I apologise in advance for all the grammatical and spelling errors that will inevitably occur, it's so hard to type with paddles in your hand..... 

There may also be some incredibly dull blog posts about long crossings, I'll try and find a way to jazz them up. (The posts, rather than the crossings.)

I'll try and upload as many photos as I can on here but some may end up on my facebook account which is here