So since launching the site, the response has been fantastic. Everybody has been so enthusiastic about the trip, it's made me even more excited about the journey.

I went out for a training paddle on Saturday evening, and had a really pleasant 20 mile cruise up and down the Torridge. Given that the boating was epic free something had to happen, and as I was walking back with the boat my leg gave way, (One of the effects my MS has on me) and I've managed to break a bone in my foot.

The good news is that I now have a legitimate excuse for not maintaining my running schedule. The bad news is that it means the starting date waiting window will need to be pushed back to allow the foot to recover, which realistically will mean April.
I've got so much left to do before leaving, this later start probably isn't a bad thing, but I'd of rather of chosen when to leave rather than have it dictated by one of my metatarsals.....