I've been really fortunate in that a lot of my work in the last couple of months has been kayaking based. This has meant that I haven't had to worry too much about going out and getting time in a boat.
What I have had to worry about is whether I'll fit in a boat.... a little too much weight has meant a slightly more CV based training programme to try and shift some unwanted kilos before the trip. I hate jogging, but it's better than not eating!

I've managed to fit in a couple of longer trips so far. I particularly enjoyed a circumnavigation of the Isle of Wight. The whole 60 miles drifted by relatively comfortably. I'm not sure that I could of repeated it the next day though!

My head's starting to hurt getting together the last pieces of kit that I need. There's so much stuff that you could carry, being able to rationalise it to a suitable list is proving taxing. I still don't have a trolley, or a clue as to which one to buy, as everybody tells me bad things about all of them. Think I might hire some local sherpas at each get out....

Looking forwards to sorting out the paddling related stuff now the website's done.