That has to rank as one of the most enjoyable days on the water I've had. It started well with a full Scottish breakfast, and I have to say I think there's only been a couple of days without haggis so far in Scotland. I got back onto the Crinan and within an hour was back onto salty water being gently pushed out on the tide. The tides were a little awkward today, with the pushing tide not arriving until mid afternoon, this left me with a number of possible route choices, and also meant hugging islands and the coastline.

I paddled up here years ago, but I don't remember it being this beautiful. The scenery is absolutely stunning, helped in some measure by the sunshine, there's so much to look at the miles flew by today, I actually had to force myself to stop in the end.

The wildlife's been amazing. I've decided dolphins are so last season now as I've seen so many of them, my new favourite friends are the sea otters, as I've never seen any before, and loads of puffins, and seals. 

I paddled past Oban and got a slight shock when a Calmac ferry appeared over my shoulder, I really must learn to take my headphones out around shipping lanes! I landed on Eilian Dubh, where I've set up camp ready to catch the flood tide in the morning. I was really looking forwards to Scotland, and up until now it's been really hard work, but today confirmed why I was looking forwards to it. Top day out.