So, going nowhere today. The winds are belting again, and with a forecast of snow! I've decided to stay here until tomorrow. I've taken a walk down into the local town to restock up on a few bits which should hopefully see me through until the end of the trip. 

Up until now I've been dealing with days, and ignoring the bigger picture stuff, as it really helps me avoid getting overwhelmed by the enormity of it. Today's the first day I've looked at the track to see where I've been, as I'm close enough now for it to be a 'normal' trip. It's fascinating looking back at it. I realised today that if I hadn't been able to get off the Isle of Man when I did, then I'd still be there waiting, so although the weather has been pretty rough recently I've still managed to accrue some reasonable distances.

I'm not trying to race my way there, but you find when conditions are favourable you have to make the most of them, knowing that there will be plenty of days when progress is slow or non existant. Also I came to go paddling, so find sitting around waiting a bit frustrating. 

Spending the rest of the day sorting out equipment to try and establish what's just getting worn and what's repairable, to make the remaining days as comfortable as possible.

I realised I also haven't thanked all the people who have donated so far. Thank you all so much, I've been a bit consumed with getting my head round the paddling bit, so to see all the donations made, has been really motivating. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Not sure where I'll get to tomorrow, the winds are still quite stiff, and the tide doesn't really start helping until mid afternoon, so I might try a bit of island hopping in the morning, and find somewhere to ride the tide in the afternoon, or I'll stay in the pub...