So, the day started with me thinking that someone had decided to jetwash the tent. The rain was being pelted at it by the promised gale force winds. Somewhere the rain had found its way in, so the day had a decidely damp start. I packed away all the gear with the rain still lashing down, and headed round the SE tip of the island.

As soon as I rounded the corner it became apparent that the promised Westerly winds had in fact got North in them, any wind with North in when you're headed that way is bad, progress was painfully slow.

The only saving grace of the day, was that if you're going to go slowly anywhere, then the E coast of Arran is as good as it gets. The scenery was stunning.

The weather has become a major theme in Scotland, today was as windy as I've seen, there were water spouts being generated about 50m to my right, and watching them spinning towards me required another brave pill, you do feel quite exposed even tucked under the cliffs.

I admitted defeat at Fallen Rocks, as I was now going backwards in the gusts, which provided enough shelter to dry the camp kit so that the nights sleep should be less damp than I thought it might be. 9 hrs for 35 km seemed a lot of work for little distance, but I have managed to get in a position to cross the Firth of Bute in a brief window that appears to be available in the morning.

One of my Scottish friends said they call this summer..... My wife said I should have circumnavigated the Maldives...