So, the weather has seemed to have settled on the right side of a force four, which means that I'm going for the Isle of Man tomorrow. The crossing is long enough without starting further south, so today I headed to the North Coast to get a better start point.

The crosing from Penmon to the point was pretty hairy, with a strong Southwesterly wind blowing I had waves breaking over me for the first time this trip. The 12miles took just over 3 hours, and I arrived at the normally empty cove of Porth Eilian to see about 100 people on the beach! There were guys learning to dive, and a Greenland rolling course all running from the beach. I decided aginst trying any rolls since I was only wearing shorts, my rolls also tend to be more Green giant than Greenland, with all the finesse and delicacy of an agriculturalist.

Was good to be back in the boat today, and I'm looking forwards to the crossing tomorrow. I'm not sure whether I'll still be feeling the same 10 hours in though... updates may be a little more sporadic over the next few days as I try and find gaps around the weather.