I had another sorting things out day today. I went to the Symposium and caught up with the guys from Celtic Paddles, it was great to see all the stuff they've got going in in terms of new ideas, and beautiful shiny carbon... I've been nothing but impressed with the blades I've been using. The ability to alternate between wing paddles and normal blades has been like having a rest day, due to altering my technique sufficiently to use different muscle groups, some of which I didn't know I had.

Chris Reed, from Reed Chillcheater had very kindly brought me a resupply up from home in sunny Devon, so I now have everything I need to continue for a bit. Chris also provided me with Keeleazy to put on the hull, as the ravages of dragging the boat accross granite edged locks has begun to show. Looking at the hull of the boat it doesn't look like a boat that's a few weeks old! The keeleazy should offer up some protection against the 70 or so locks I have left.

I met lots of nice people interested in the trip today, and I'd of like to have stayed for the evening, but seeing as I need to paddle again tomorrow, a liquid meal may not have provided the most productive day tomorrow...

I'm definitely paddling tomorrow, the problem is I don't know where. There has been a window for the IOM crossing opening and closing on Monday, one minute it's a F4, the next a F6. A solo 40nm crossing in a force six would be a foolish idea, but in a force four it would be great to have the following sea to assist. The second problem is when I arrive on the island the wind looks like its going to close in and leave me stuck there for a few days. So, tomorrow could be moving the boat up onto the N coast in anticipation of a crossing on Monday.

My other option is to backtrack to the Point of Ayr. The winds forecast in that area are favourable through until Wednesday, by which stage I could be up near Whitehaven.... Not sure what to do, both ways require long crossings and at some point I'm going to get held up by the Westerley's that are coming in. I'm going to have a look at it in the morning and decide then.

Its been great coming and catching up with everyone on the island, but I know I need to get going again before I get too used to being comfortable again.

If anyone has any suggestions on what they think the winds doing on Monday, pop your answers on the back of a postcard to glynbrackenbury@gmail.com