I'd decided I needed an early start to get the best of the tide, so set the alarm for 0500, I woke up at 0630 having chosen to ignore it.
This is the first morning so far on the trip that I've had to crack the ice off my kit, this must mean I'm back in Wales. Because of my late start it was a bit of a rush to get everything packed up and on the boat, but I managed to leave just before 0700. 
I pointed straight at the Great Orme and paddled offshore all morning, bypassing Rhyl etc. I stopped at Llandudno for some lunch, and had a standoff with the seagulls who also felt they could share it with me. 

 Once the tide became more favourable, I paddled round the Orme and headed for Anglesey, my original plan was to land on Anglesey as far North as possible, as this will reduce the mileage for the Isle of Man crossing, but after having checked the weather, I realised that it'll be a few days at least before I can cross, so I went for the closest point, knowing I can fit another day in to get me to the N coast.

The weather has been stunning. The last 6 days I've paddled in just shorts and my transpire top. It's like being slow baked on a high heat, and despite suncream/hats etc. I'm suitably fried.

Rest day tomorrow, which my shoulders are quite keen for. I need to make a couple of repairs to various bits of kit, and I'll hopefully sort through my photos and get those up here.