I've been messing around with more things recently, trying to investigate all the possibilities that I might encounter, and I thought something more exposed might throw up some curve balls.

The weather looked pleasant enough to do a Lundy crossing, so I set off at 0615 from Harland Quay and arrived at Lundy at 0900. On the whole the crossing was good. The wind was a bit stiffer than was forecast, but manageable. The tide only worked against me for the last half hour, so when I arrived I felt pretty good. I had a quick drink and some food, and jumped back in the boat for the reverse of the trip.

The return crossing from Lundy is always slower, but yesterday was really slow! The crossing takes you parallel to the tide of the Bristol Channel, so it becomes one massive ferry glide. The longer you're on the water for the worse the effect the tide has. At one stage I had to paddle due east to stop myself losing ground. I was trying out my new SPOT finder, and the track tells the tale.

Despite the trauma of paddling and feeling like you're not getting anywhere on the way back, it was a really nice trip out, which, was on the whole epic free!

So there's a new page on the site, Where Am I, which is in the menu at the top, where you can see my Lundy track. This should hopefully track my progress North when I leave.